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~ Welcome to Settlers' Mill ~
The Settlers' Mill community website provides registered homeowners and renters secure, password protected access to official Association documents, community focused news and information, and a time sensitive email alert/notification system.
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~ Community News ~
December Holiday Events
Here is the schedule for December's Holiday Events in Settlers' Mill. Be sure to check the December Calendar for details.
December 1st    Sippin' and Singin' w/Santa
December 5th    Progressive Party
Neighborhood Watch Block Captain Needed
Your Neighborhood Watch team needs a Block Captain volunteer representing Mill Stream Way homes 212-247. The primary duties of the Block Captains are to report suspicious activity, know your neighbor, watch out for each other, be alert, and promote community safety.  If interested please contact Mike Loy.

~ Planning To Rent Your Home? ~
In order for your renters to have access to email alerts, the Newsletter, and the Members section of our website you will need to send copy of lease agreement to Anne Ingram at Chesapeake Bay Management Company.

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