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~ Welcome to Settlers' Mill ~
The Settlers' Mill community website provides registered homeowners and renters secure, password protected access to official Association documents, community focused news and information, and a time sensitive email alert/notification system.
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~ Save The Date ~
Labor Day weekend ends our summer pool season as we gather for a festive community picnic. Join us Friday, September 2 between 6pm and 9pm. Entrees of pulled pork and brisket BBQ, roast chicken and chicken tenders are provided by the HOA, along with lemonade. You are requested to bring a dish to share: last names A-J desserts and K-Z side dishes.

~ Our Newest Neighbors ~
Dan & Kathy Roth
281 Mill Stream
Mark & Kathleen Dinterman
178 Lakewood
James & Abby Adamson
265 Mill Stream
Brian & Monica O’Leary
124 Mill Stream Way
Vince & Lynn Cassara
217 Mill Stream
Jason & Teri Parkhouse
142 Lakewood
Tyler & Lauren Breedlov
104 Mill View
Jim & Sarah Kittle
131 Lakewood

~ Williamsburg Weather ~
Find more about Weather in Williamsburg, VA

~ Neighborhood Watch Reminder ~
School is out and that means more drivers and more pedestrians. Remind your drivers that the speed limit in Settlers' Mill is 25mph.
More Neighborhood Watch Tips here.

~ Kids-4-Rent ~
Use our Classifieds section this summer to post a Kids-4-Rent ad. Services like pet sitting, house sitting, babysitting, and lawn care are often in need in the neighborhood.
You create the ad and we'll make sure it gets placed in the right category. Get started.